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Chairman Emeritus

Agatha Love

Agatha Love 

Chairman Emeritus

Agatha Love is the former Chair of SuiteLife, and combines her non-profit and government experience to provide leadership to the Board of Directors of SuiteLife Arts for Youth. She is an advocate for youth empowerment, community involvement, cultural diversity, and strengthening the arts community in Toronto. Agatha has an undergraduate degree in Humanities from York University and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Public Administration and Leadership from Ryerson University. She has held various administrative positions at the City of Toronto and has volunteered at several non-profit organizations in the GTA area.

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Chief Technology Officer

Jack Xie

Jack is a technology professional with experience in operational efficiency, data re-engineering, and process automation. He believes that innovation is the solution to the fundamentally flawed education system that focuses on landing jobs, which are being eliminated due to increased efficiency. As a board member of SuiteLife Arts for Youth, he advocates for transferring cardinal business and financial skills to young artists and believes that there's an untapped market in the realm of independent design. Jack contends that art inspires innovation and is a business that requires innovation itself.

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Grant Writer

Sucheta Arora Wadhwa

Sucheta Arora Wadhwa is the Grant Writer on SuiteLife’s Board of Directors. She has a Doctorate in Communication and Extension, and brings her experience in grants writing, networking, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and resourcefulness to the role. Sucheta has a passion for arts and a desire to bring change, and has been involved in different forms of arts since a very young age. She believes that arts can make the world a global village and promote peace.


Amanda Bomben

Amanda Bomben is the Secretary on SuiteLife’s Board of Directors. She is committed to supporting and expanding the Toronto arts community and utilizes her legal skills and artistic background to further the mission of the organization. Amanda has experience in creative fields such as public relations and marketing, and is completing her Canadian and American JD from the University of Windsor and the University of Detroit Mercy. She has a strong passion for dance and encourages others to exercise their artistic abilities.

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Volunteer Management Officer

Connie Tong

Connie Tong is a Board of Directors member who brings a youth perspective to increase arts engagement in Scarborough. She has a Bachelor's degree in Design and has held various roles in the arts and culture sector. Connie is an artist, designer, and art educator who is passionate about facilitating art workshops and programs in her local neighbourhood. She is also a Festival Manager for StArt Youth Presenting Art and recently started her own event planning company called cater2create. Connie is a peer mentor who encourages youth to collaborate and connect with people and places to develop awareness and understanding.

Introducing the Board of Directors

Executive Director

Denese Matthews

Denese Matthews is a multi-talented artist who has been performing for over 30 years in North America. Inspired by Josephine Baker, she founded SuiteLife Arts for Youth in 1996, which provides free performing arts workshops to young people aged 14-25. She also created StArt Youth Presenting Art, a youth-led initiative that mentors young people to create an annual youth arts festival for their community. SuiteLife Arts is moving into its 26th year. Once again changing

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Connie Xi

Connie Xi is the Treasurer on SuiteLife's Board of Directors, bringing together her background as a Commercial Banker and her passion for art education and empowerment. She has a degree in Statistics from Simon Fraser University and a Post Graduate Degree in Economics from Carlton University. Connie has volunteered at several non-profit organizations before joining SuiteLife. She has personal experience with various art forms and understands the transformative and healing power of art. Connie is committed to providing opportunities for more people to be exposed to and empowered by the arts.


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Micheal Sniderman

Michael Sniderman is the Chief Legal Officer/Vice Chair of SuiteLife's Board of Directors, combining his legal expertise and passion for the arts and youth education. He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2017 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of King's College. Michael's background aligns with SuiteLife's values, and he has a strong interest in helping young people tap into their artistic potential and emphasizing the importance of youth education and empowerment.

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Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Sarvesh Syal

Sarvesh Syal is the Marketing/Public Relations Officer on SuiteLife's Board of Directors, leveraging his experience as a Communications Specialist and his passion for arts, education, and social impact. He holds a Post Graduate degree in Public Relations and has worked extensively in Media and Communications for the development sector. Sarvesh believes in the transformative power of arts and aims to help SuiteLife connect with audiences by bringing his passion for the arts and drive for innovation. He has personal experience with various art forms, including writing, painting, and stand-up comedy, and sees art as a tool to break down communication barriers through visual storytelling.

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