Because Art is never finished.

Fueled by 20 years of history, an invigorating community, and lots of love.

Discovering the artist in You

SuiteLife provides local, authentic platforms to showcase local talents, with a focus on youth.

StArt Youth Presenting Art Festival

Your art. Your passion. Your venue to shine.

StArtYPA is an annual festival where artists across GTA get together and showcase their talents.


The youth work as a collective, utilizing the technique of improvisation, to "remix" a Canadian work. This process demands focus while encouraging creativity and collaboration.

Suite 16 Educational Program

Short and Sweet

but packed with Learning Opportunities

A 16-week program for youth to experience a multitude of disciplines in art - taught by industry professionals with industry experience. 

Emerging Artist Series

Breaking Bread

Taste different breads, experience different cultures, share different stories - all in one place.

An intimate, laid-back event that brings the community together through sharing stories of a staple that transcends cultures.

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