StArt Youth Presenting Art

Recognizing the dire need for accessible arts education, and platforms for young emerging artists to showcase their talents, “Suite 16" alumni created StArt Youth Presenting Art (StArt YPA) in 2010 – a 1-week annual festival. By the artists, for the artists, this youth-led initiative provides Scarborough’s emerging artists an opportunity to network with professional artists, collaborate with peers, create new works, and share their creative endeavours with the community at large.

SuiteLife understands that sometimes, it is hard to make that first step, whether it's getting your hands dirty with a paint brush or performing in front of an audience. Thus, the StArt YPA Festival was designed to be a mix of education and entertainment - hosting  multi-disciplinary workshops throughout the week that  encourage young people to step outside  their comfort-zones and discover the "artist" within, culminating  with an afternoon of exhibits, and presentations to discover the artists near them who are on the same journey.