StArt YPA Festival
StArt YPA Festival
StArt YPA Festival
StArt YPA Festival

SuiteLife Arts for Youth (SuiteLife) recognizes that the arts are a vital component in giving a voice to young people. Since 1997 SuiteLife has continued developing comprehensive arts education and presentation driven programs - making the performing and visual arts more accessible to young people throughout Toronto.


Our objective is to create opportunities for young people to receive quality arts education, by removing the barriers that financial, and/or geographical restrictions impose. All SuiteLife programs are provided free of all charges. In addition to free arts education, the program bolsters the participants' self-esteem while instilling the positive attributes of punctuality, commitment and responsibility.


And, through its programs, SuiteLife provides platforms from which the works of established, emerging and young Canadian artists are accessible to the public. SuiteLife believes that there are things that cannot be represented by text and language alone. Art, then, is an outlet in which one can share how they feel about the world. It is from those senses that we learn of culture, that we find connection, that we seek a deeper understanding of the world around us, and that we discover a greater sense of our own identity.  


In the belief that expanding the Artist/Teacher pool will impact our communities in a positive manner, SuiteLife provides opportunities for artists who are representative of our culturally diverse communities to hone their teaching and leadership skills.


The SuiteLife Board of Directors strives to engage community and stakeholders in the support of the performing and visual arts for young people. We greatly appreciate the community support we have garnered throughout the years, whether it be in-kind, financial or through the dedication of our volunteers. Thank you.


Please reach out to get involved!  

Telephone: (416) 691-3269 • Email: info@suitelifearts.org

Address: 248 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 3A2

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